Brown flocked plastic OWL coin bank
Owl sitting on a log
1960s collectible home decor kitsch
6 1/2" h x 4" l x 3 1/4" w
1 1/8" long coin slot and 1 1/8" diameter capped coin removal
Made in Hong Kong
Good condition with a snugly fitting original cap.
Plastic eyes have some signs of age but are secure and richly colored yellow and black. Flocking is in very good condition.
It seems the owl would have had more of a nose but there are no holes or spots indicating a bit of plastic is missing.


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Coin Bank Flocked Plastic Brown Owl Figurine Vintage 1960s Collectible Bird Statuette Woodland Home Decor



Coin Bank Flocked Plastic Owl Vintage 1960s Bird Figurine

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