A pretty, shiny amber tiger-striped free form bead is the focal point and centerpiece of this necklace.
Orange and silver-tone space beads enhance the translucent faceted beads and smaller tiger beads.
The necklace is 18" and has a chain that adds 2" to the length.
The silver-tone fishhook wire earrings feature a single diagonally threaded bead matching.
This is an artistic and versatile jewelry set -
Perfect color and lightness for Spring and Summer
Bold and Dramatic for Fall and Winter
From the mid-1980s this set is in like-new condition.
Gift box included

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Bead Necklace  Dangle Earrings Set  Amber Brown and Silver 18" - 20" Beaded Strand Vintage Fashion Jewelry

Bead Necklace  Dangle Earrings Set  Amber Brown and Silver 18-20" Beaded Strand

24,95$ Normaali hinta
A Vintage Addiction, Yuma, Arizona, USA

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