"What is a Vintage Treasure Box?" "Why?" "What's In It For Me?"

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I hear you. I get it. We love subscription boxes. They are a great personal treat, appreciated gifts, and a fun way to try new products, They are a part of how we shop and how we live.

While other families think it is a great convenience and value, our family would not fully benefit from dinner groceries and recipes subscription boxes.

Other box subscriptions we welcome.

A personal shopper who sends me a box of coordinated clothing and accessories - Yes.

A Beauty Box with fun items I would overlook at the store? Yes.

Car care and maintenance products. I would certainly delegate their use.

A Coffee Club Membership? Remove the word coffee and replace it with "cookie". Send me two boxes - one for a 'friend'.

It seems like there is a subscription box (AVA uses the word 'Membership') for every possible personal need, special interest, and hobby. There are benefits to each but there are several things one should consider before committing to a recurring payment, or even a 'sample' box.

Things to consider when selecting a Subscription/Membership Box:


Benefits to you; Time, Convenience, Price

Duration of Commitment

Membership Perks

Customization and Personal Curation


Shipping Costs

Product Quality

Product Desirability

Product Value

Satisfaction Guarantee

Returns and Replacement

Security of Site

Continuation of Service

Cancellation Policies

Environmental Factors

Packaging Care

Hidden Costs

Variation of Contents

Types and sizes of boxes available

Availability of a 'live' service person should you need one

I am not going to call out any company - we've all heard about scams, unprotected credit cards, receiving misrepresented items, receiving broken items, receiving NO items.

What I am going to tell you is that I designed A Vintage Addiction's Treasure Box program to address each of the considerations I listed, and to surpass customer expectations at every level.

I'll tell you how and why in a few days. I have a bath box waiting to be opened.

That is why I have A Vintage Addiction,



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