Virtue or Victory?

Päivitetty: 5. maalis 2020

While I use each January to plan my work and play for the year, I also add an increment to my age.

The combination of gathering my thoughts and putting them into intentional actions works well with the reminder that I am once again stepping on the downslope of time.

More than any time of my life, the past ten years have brought me significant growth, spiritual gain, clarity, and peace. I reconstructed my values from a mess of mixed metal to gold, and, over time, have purified them.

A recent project allowed me to study the presence of values in behavior choices, how values are established, and how they change under various influences.

Attitudes and actions are the illustrations of values. They portray character, beliefs, and ideals. They depict how far one will go to protect and defend them.

It helps my value refinement when I compare and contrast. I ask myself, "How do I want to represent myself in this situation, as 'this' or 'that'?"

The following is my spectrum list. I strive to choose:

  1. Family before fortune

  2. Wisdom over worry

  3. Faith over fear

  4. Freedom and flexibility more than fussiness

  5. Care and concern over disregard

  6. Being instead of doing

  7. Understanding before reacting

  8. Receptive above right

  9. Gainful rather than greedy

  10. Real over obscure

  11. Virtuous above victorious

I learned that broadly written statements create the most significant opportunities for demonstrating three or four values. You know, go big or go home.

When I categorize these eleven deliberations and write a few broad value statements to carry me through 2020, I'll have another leaf on the tree of growth.

Each leaf represents intentional change, purposeful betterment.

Every minute we live is one of modification, moments that mold us for the next. Earthly minutes are not guaranteed. Make each one count.

Just like that, the calendar page turns, and another face line and grey hair appear. There is nothing I can to about that. Virtuous above victorious, right?

That is why I have A Vintage Addiction.



We proudly display our core values on our website. As individuals and as a family, we represent A Vintage Addiction personally and professionally.

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