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Don’t you just love when a bit of lazy behavior turns out advantageously?

A picture of my grandpa’s bike shop would be sweet for “Confessions of a Junkie.” The one I want is stored away in one of a few bankers boxes holding thousands of photos. The boxes are in my garage loft. I wasn't going there.

Thinking I could find a similar picture on the internet, I searched starting with a long shot; Gib’s Bike Shop, Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Immediately popped up an address and building I know well. Although my Grandpa passed away in the 1990s the bike shop and my grandparent's home remains! I was delighted to read how that came to be.

“ 'Our Story'


It’s always been a dream of mine to have a little bicycle service shop in downtown Lake Mills, just like the old Gib’s Bike shop in Merchant’s Alley. I was so fond of that place that I named my first born son ‘Gibson’ (true story).

In Nov of 2016, I moved my family into the apartment above the garage where Gilbert Kersten first opened Gib's in 1933. In the spring of 2017 we officially opened for business,

It’s hard to explain in words how happy I am to bring this service back to my hometown. I'm so grateful to be part of such a supportive community that allows me to realize my dream.

Thank you so much, Lake Mills.


Andy Q

I contacted the owner who responded quickly that he was happily surprised to hear from me. I’ll be sending Andy some pictures of the old bike shop, family meals and Christmas's in the home where he now lives, my aunt and uncle riding one of Gib's tandem bikes, and whatever else I come across that he can use in the new Gib’s to honor the original Gib.

You know what I am going to say next, right? And ain’t it the truth!

THAT is why I have




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